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This website is dedicated to empowering the members to assume their rightful seat at the governance table and to better understand the original intent of a movement owned and operated by its members.

Nationally, the Girl Scout movement has veered off track and away from the original premise established by the founder, Juliette Gordon Low, to be a movement governed and stewarded by its members. To that end, members become elected delegates to the National Council that meets every three years to fulfill their stewardship duties. The Blue Book of Basic Documents tell us:

  •  "The National Council shall have all the powers conferred by the Congressional Charter and by other applicable laws, and shall exercise these powers with due regard for its position as THE coordinating head of the Girl Scout Movement in the United States."
  • "The ultimate responsibility for the Girl Scout Movement rests with its members. We govern by an efficient and effective democratic process that demonstrates our leadership in a fast-changing world."
  • "The National Council at its sessions shall hold elections, amend the Constitution, establish requirements for credentials, and shall determine the general lines of policy of the Girl Scout Movement and program by considering and acting upon proposals directed toward the fostering and improvement of Girl Scouting, by receiving and acting upon reports of its National Board of Directors, and by giving guidance to the National Board upon general lines of direction of the Movement and program."
  • "The National Council shall establish requirements for certificates of membership, local council charters, and all other credentials."

The National Council Session 2017 workbook defines delegate roles and responsibilities as the following: Basics of the National Council.