NCS Voting

  • Agenda: The delegates will be voting on the Credentials Report, Standing Rules and the Program (Agenda).  Click here to read the Agenda.
  • Credentials: Keep in mind, at the 2008 National Council Session, the delegates rejected a proposal to reduce the number of delegates to under 1,000 and instead chose the ideal number as 1,500 delegates. Pay attention to the number presented during the Credentials Report to hold GSUSA accountable to that vote.  Click here to look at the Credentials Report.
  • Standing Rules: Although Standing Rules can seem like a housekeeping item, do read the rules and think about if you agree with them. For instance, the National Board of Directors approves the minutes of the session. Does the National Council want the right to review the minutes after the meeting and weigh in? Or, should the National Council ratify the minutes at the next National Council Session?  Click here to read about the Standing Rules.
  • Program/Agenda for the meeting: Of concern, the program is not available until delegates arrive at the meeting. Is that enough time for delegates to review the agenda for adequate timing for each proposal?
  • Making Motions and Amendments: There is a process to making motions, amendments and asking questions on the National Council Session floor. Although this can be difficult to understand, it is important to know how to get engaged in the discussion. Click here to read about Parliamentary Procedure.
  • Business Procedures: Delegates are going to want to get familiar with the procedures of the meeting including participating in the discussions. Be sure to read carefully the paperwork and timing for talking at a microphone and which microphone to go to, since they are color-coded. Some of this information is also in the information on making motions and amendments.  Click here to read about the Business procedures.